Since 1993

Our Mission

The Zoeros Foundation ("The Foundation") is a nonprofit organization providing services in Miami, FL. The Foundation is dedicated to serving the communities in which we live and work. The Foundation was established to support local charities that strive to Serve, Protect, and Care for those that are less fortunate or that do not have the capability to accomplish this task.

The Organization is exclusively for charitable purposes, the making of distributions of donated goods to other organizations that qualify as exempt Organization under section 501(c)(3) and victims of natural disasters, of promoting the common good and the general welfare of the people of the community at large including but not limited to the elders of the community, children that are victims of domestic violence, lower income families, single parents and not for the purpose of benefiting any single individual.

The Organization is not politically motivated nor does it support any particular group or individual candidate for public office. No membership is required.

The Organization welcomes the support and aid of any member of the community at large regardless of their ages, race, color, nationality or ethnic origin.


Request donations

Fill in the form to request donations. We will do our best to find and deliver the goods you are in need. If you have a list of recipient, download the excel document and return it with the information.